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A Simple Detox with Khichadi and Triphala

The change of seasons is great for detoxing and the change over from Winter to Spring is the best time of all!

Throughout Winter, the predominant elements building in the body/mind are Water and Earth, increasing 'Kapha' (you can think of Kapha as mucous). As it starts to warm up, this Kapha that has accumulated in the colder months begins to liquefy and move. This is why we are all more susceptible to mucousy colds, as well as hay fever, at this time of year. #detox #ayurvedastockholm #ayurvedadetox

In addition to the melting mucous, we also accumulate lot of toxins called Ama in Ayurveda. Ama is the result of poor digestion and also poor handling of emotions - emotional digestion. Ama is heavy, sticky, smelly and cloudy. Ayurveda teaches that these toxins or Ama gather in the digestive track but, given the right conditions, can overflow into the channels of the body, relocate into the tissues and eventually become the root cause of all disease. So it is very important to remove these toxins while they are still in the digestive tract.

So, do you think you might have Ama (toxins), after the long Winter? Read my earlier blog post here

After we have established that we have some sticky, congestive stuff in our bodies that we need to get rid of. If our digestive fires were in perfect balance, it is possible that they would be able to burn up these toxins without a problem. But not many of us are in perfect balance, particularly at the juncture of the seasons, because they are a time of change. It is pretty rare for our digestive fires to be strong enough at this time of year to mop up all the yucky stuff floating around. This is where an Ayurvedic Detox comes in.

A simple at home Ayurveda detox is a short detox, simple, straight forward and easy to follow.

The length of detox can be 3 days, 5 days or 7 days.

If you are unsure or do not know which dosha you have, we recommend an Ayurvedic consultation before starting the detox.

A simple Ayurveda detox can help to:

Improve digestion and metabolic function.

Promote regular and balanced elimination.

Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Encourage a balanced sleep cycle.

Improved overall health

Before detox:

Reduce gradually gluten, meat, milk products (dairy), alcohol such as coffee, tea, sugar, similarly reducing fast food, processed foods, refined sugar.

Plan your detox - pick a time when you can minimize your exposure to stress.

Avoid any social engagements that would make it difficult to maintain the simple diet during detox.

Detox should not be performed while breastfeeding, pregnant, menstruating or feeling weak and ill.


During detox

  1. Eat Khichadi at all meals - Eat simple porridge (oatmeal) or Khichadi for breakfast, preferably between 7-8 in the morning or when hungry. Khichadi for lunch and dinner, with at least 3 hours betweenmeals. Garnish Khichadi with melted ghee or fresh coriander, freshly squeezed lime / lemon.

  2. It is best to avoid snacking between meals.

  3. Eat nothing after 7 pm in the evening.

  4. Drink only warm water and detox tea- CCF tea

  5. Massage yourself daily from head to toe with sesame oil or coconut oil.

  6. Exercise Sunsalutations, and restorative yoga.

  7. Exercise breathing exercises and meditation.

  8. Take Triphala at night - Triphala powder 1 teaspoon with warm water before going to bed at night or Triphala tablets - 2 tablets at night with warm water.

Khichadi or Kitchari is the Ayurvedic prescription for cleansing. A mono-diet of khichadi resets the entire system. The beauty of it is that no matter what your imbalance is, khichadi will help to balance it. It is tri-doshic, meaning it balances all three of the doshas. Khichadi is a simple dish made of mung dal and rice.

Daily Routine during detox

Wake up early to have relaxed morning for meditation.

Scrape the tongue with a metal or copper scraper and brush your teeth carefully.

Drink warm water to start your day.

Eat grated ginger with honey.

Do some light yoga - Sun salutations are great to start your day.

Do some self massage.

Take a bath.

Prepare your breakfast without stress (khichadi can be cooked for the whole day)

Meals: Breakfast around 7-8 pm, lunch around 12-13 and dinner around 17-18 in the evening - no later than 7pm.

Bedtime around 10 pm - sleep is the body's natural detox time, be sure to sleep at least 7 hours

preferably 8.

After detox

When you've finished your detox, remember to ease back to your 'normal' diet over several days. Introduce heavier foods slowly and steadily until you feel able to digest them with ease. This approach is like a 'reset' button for your entire system but particularly your digestion. You'll feel amazing afterwards!

Good luck with your detox and do not hesitate to book a time for consultation if you have any concerns about your imbalances.

Namaste and warm spring greetings!

Dr.(Vaidya) Tejal

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