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Ayurveda Health Consultation

If you are coping with physical illness, emotional pain or chronic stress – or if you want to nurture your current state of health and balance – Dr.Tejal is here to offer you professional, compassionate guidance on your healing journey.

Our Ayurvedic Health Consultation is an in-depth session to help address your health concerns. According to this ancient system of medicine, a personalized lifestyle routine and herbal regimen are some of the most powerful tools you can have to navigate health concerns, which are a compounding of lasting imbalance over time. We begin by diving into the underlying imbalances of your body type, listening deeply to your health history and concerns, and emerge with a customized Ayurvedic protocol suited to target the root cause of imbalance. Best of all, we teach you how to integrate this new protocol into your life so that it becomes seamless and sustainable for you.

I have over 15 years of experience in helping people with gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders, stress management and women's health. I offer Ayurveda Consultation at Salve Hälsocenter, Stockholm.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation includes:

  • Finding out your Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type)

  • Pulse and tongue analysis

  • Individualized diet and nutrition information

  • Herbal supplements suggestions

  • Specialized oil recommendations for self massage

  • Gentle cleansing and detoxification recommendations

  • Panchakarma —Deep detoxification and healing therapies recommendations

  • Marma point massage recommendation

  • Lifestyle recommendation to establish daily routine to find mind-body-spirit balance

  • Advice on yoga poses, exercise, meditation, and Pranayama breath practices

  • Stress management skills


Ayurvedic Health Consultation                                

Duration: 90 mins
Cost: 1500 SEK


Follow up Consultation

Duration: 30 mins
Cost: 600 SEK

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