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Rasayana - Ojas Drink

Rasayana - Ojas Drink- Ayurvedic post workout shake.

This is a delicious Rasayana Drink. It strengthens the nervous system, grounds Vata dosha and soothes Pitta dosha. Soaked almonds, dates and saffron are known to boost Ojas (the body’s immune function and our deepest source of energy and vitality)

Dates are Sattvic - promoting vitality, joy and strength, they nourish the body’s tissues and immunity levels. Dates helps in maintaining healthy digestive system and relieves constipation. Dates are great for bone health.

Saffron improves immunity, increases energy.

Soaked almonds are nourishing and grounding.

How to prepare-

🥛 1 glass of milk (full fat cow milk or Almond milk)

-4 Dates without seeds

-4 Almonds

-2 strains of saffron

-1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

✔️Pre-soak 4 almonds and 4 dates in water overnight or for min 2 hrs.

✔️Remove the skin of the soaked almonds

✔️Mix the almonds, the dates, saffron, cardamom powder and milk in a blender until smooth.

✔️Warm up the shake and drink warm.

This Ayurvedic post workout shake will help restore and rejuvenate you after a workout.

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