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Green Gram Soup - Mung Soup

Green gram soup - Mudga Yusha

Mung bean soup is used as post Panchakarma or post detox diet to strengthen the digestive fire, also can be used during fever, tastelessness, ulcers, throat disorders, eye disorders, many illnesses, also can be used during covid or post covid for recovery. Ghee can be added to Mung soup.

Benefits of Mung bean soup-

-Strengthen the digestive fire

-Enhances taste perception

-Improves taste and appetite

-Nourishes all tissues

-Improves the quality of voice

-Promotes physical strength

Directions -

Take 1/4 cup (1 part) of Green gram, soak in the water overnight or for 8 hours. Cook with 4 cups of water (16 parts) till grains are soft. Then strain and add salt and pepper, dry ginger can also be added. For post recovery or as a baby food Ghee can be added in Mung soup.


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