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CHAPATI- Whole wheat bread

CHAPATI – How to make yeast free whole wheat flat bread


Use fine whole wheat flour, add 1 tsp oil, water and make a dough. Roll lemon sized balls into flat bread using some flour. Roast on skillet on medium heat both sides or one side on skillet and other side on direct flame. Enjoy chapati bread with touch of ghee.

Health benefits – Great for colon health due to its fiber contain hence prevents constipation, prevents diabetes, cardiac conditions and certain cancer conditions, great for nerve tissue as nerve tissue needs complex carbohydrates. Ayurveda – Great for all dosha, mainly VATA, a governing energy.

Tip -Avoid chapati if you have gluten allergy. Same recipe can be made using millet flour.

Also don’t get discouraged if chapati is not as perfect on first few efforts, it needs practice.

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