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Balancing Vata - Tip 1 - Include healthy oil/ghee in diet as well as oils for Massage and Shirodhara

DRY is the first quality of VATA. To balance this Dry quality, include healthy oils/fats in the diet as well as use oils for external application as massage and shirodhara.

Internally – We should include healthy fats such as Ghee, Olive oil in our diet to prevent/reduce dryness. Avoid dry foods like popcorn, chips, nachos, crackers, dried fruits, toasts and grilled foods.

Nuts and seeds in moderation are recommended as they contain healthy oils. Add good quality oils to your diet, like sesame, hemp seed, olive oil or coconut oil to help stop the body getting too dry as well.

OIL is the BEST treatment for VATA. It also offers longevity (rasayana) to cells by increasing stress bearing capacity. Abhyanga Massage is beneficial for dry quality of vata. Self-massage oil with sesame oil or almond oil and massage your body for five minutes a day. It’ll moisturize your skin, help alleviate sore muscles and tight tendons, and it’s grounding for the nervous system. Oil massage before the shower and then letting the hot water help your skin absorb the oil. Treatments like Shirodhara is also beneficial for balancing vata.

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