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Boost Immunity With Ayurveda

Many have been asking about how to boost Immunity with Ayurveda in light of the viral spread. Here is from Ayurvedic point of view to help strengthen immune system.

Immunity in Ayurveda refers to prevention of disease and quick recovery from disease. Strong immunity is a product of good digestion, strong digestive fire (Agni), healthy diet, healthy realationships and Ojas. If the digestive fire is weak then the body will create AMA or toxins and if the digestion is strong then body will create Ojas. Ojas is the essential energy for body and mind. Below are few suggestions to increase Ojas and immunity.

1. Meditation – The first tools right as you wake up is Meditation, It can be 5 min to 15 min but Meditation is called as Achara Rasayana. It brings clarity and hence it helps to promote MINDFULNESS throughout the day resulting into right actions to protect cells by choosing right nutrition and lifestyle regimen.

2. PranayamBreathing Exercise is the second tool that brings your energy to main central Energy flow called sushumna nadi. Right brain is the center for emotions and left brain is the center for responsibilities, as one does Pranayam, especially alternate nostril breathing, one brings balance between left and right brains thus Ida and Pingala nadis. Again it prevents us in taking too emotional or too practical decisions, thus protects cells from the results of getting carried away. You can read more about Pranayam in my Blog Pranayam.

Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), Kapalbhati (breath of fire) and Anulom vilom (Alternate nostril breathing) are three important breathing exercises.

3. Herbal tea – The third rasayana tool is to drink warm herbal dosha tea (recipe given below) , where the spices in the tea, stimulate the digestive fire, called deepana, this ignited fire burns daily accumulation of toxic waste deposited on cellular walls. Additionally warm herbal teas pacify main Vata dosha which is the governing energy of all the functions in the body, (Vata when aggravated creates disharmony in all dosha.

Detox tea – Cumin seeds, Corander seeds, and Fennel seeds.

Mix together in equal amount and store in glass jar. Everyday in the morning, boil 1 tsp of this mixture in 3 cup of water and reduce it two 2 cups. Strain and drink warm. You may keep sipping it till mid-morning. It cleanses and also helps reduce weight. (Kapha) Add 1 tsp of honey after tea is strained.

You can also drink Tulsi Tea. Tulsi tea bags available from Organic India or Pukka.

4. Chyavanprash – The wonder tool of Rasayana (Rejuvenating), the most powerful ingredient to boost the immunity is Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Ayurveda created a special formula called Chyavanprasha which is not only powerful but also easy on digestions on kids or seniors digestion hence this gets #1 position in ‘BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY’ tool kit. 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp for kids over 2 yrs and elders and 1 tablespoon for adults prevents allergies, sinus problems, lung conditions, also may prevent and heal many imbalances.

5. Herbs – 

  1. Triphala – The best longevity formula for everyday cleansing is Triphala. 1 tsp Triphala powder every night before bed with warm water or 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule evening with water helps cleanses and boosts health of each system in the body.

  2. Ashwagandha – It is the herb that helps calm the nerve cells this helps reduce stress and prevent negative effects of stress. Ashwagandha powder can be taken 1 teaspoon with water morning and evening or capsules 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule evening with water.

  3. Tulsi - One of the best immune boosting herbs for the respiratory system and respiratory system related flues and fevers including any viral infections. 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule evening with water.

  4. Giloy or Guduchi - Boosts immunity, boosts digestion, treats chronic fever. Take 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule evening with water.

  5. Turmeric - Use turmeric powder in your cooking and with milk as golden milk at night.

Tulsi and Giloy or Guduchi are beneficial for immunity and respiratory system.

6. Diet – Eat a dry Kapha pacifying diet favoring bitters. Think spicy, light, and green! Say no to heavy sauces, everything creamy, or too sweet. A cleanse facilitating diet means eliminating dairy products, wheat, breads and other baked goods, fried and other oily food, and reducing meat. Instead, meals should be simple and light, consisting of berries and fresh, lightly cooked vegetables, grains, lentils prepared with small amounts of coconut oil or ghee. Continue with warming spices like ginger and turmeric to ward off blood stagnation. Take triphala to keep bowels clear and aid the cleansing process. Avoid heavy, oily, sweet and salty foods such as red meat and dairy. Light dinner is crucial to a successful detox program, since our digestive power weakens considerably in the evening. Avoid eating leftovers, processed foods, and foods grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

7. Cook your food with immune-supporting spices such as cumin, fennel, coriander, turmeric, ginger and black pepper.

  • Only eat a meal when you are genuinely hungry.

  • Eat until you are satisfied, but not full. This allows space for your digestive processes to do their work.

  • Avoid leftovers, processed foods, cold foods or drinks, and heavy foods, such as fried foods.

  • Avoid cold dairy and dairy products.

  • Avoid excess yoghurt, cold milk, cheese, cream.Also avoid cold meat, fish, or cold eggs.

  • Have a good daily routine

  • Drink warm water during the day.

I hope this will be useful and helpful. Take care of yourself.

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