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Ayurveda and The Mind

Ayurveda and The Mind (Manas)

All the substances in Universe possess a specific combination of Five Elements (Pancha-Mahabhuta), every one of them is not considered to be alive since witness of Mind (Manas) and soul is essential for expression of consciousness.

In Ayurveda, Mind is considered as Ubhayandriya that is dual organ - it is organ of sense and organ of action. The body and the mind are interconnected.

Mind is seen as something that’s spread all over the body. Mind has its root in the heart. It is from the heart that it travels all over the body in channels called as Manovaha Strotas.

It is a bridge between the sense organ and the soul. The soul is said to be the stimulator and controller of the mind.

🌻The openings of the Manovaha Strotas (channels) are the five sense organs.

👁Hence improper or overuse of these sense organs, which is PragnaAparadha, affects the tranquility of the mind.

👩‍⚕️To maintain a healthy body a harmonious and pleasant state of mind is essential. It is important to think about the mind while treating physical diseases.

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