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Ayurveda & Nutrition Course with Dr. Tejal - 6 Days

-- No prior knowledge of Ayurveda required
-- Online live course

Duration: 6 Days


Dates: 2 July, 6 July, 9 July, 13 July, 16 July, 20 July 2020


Time: 15:00-17:00 CEST


Price: 3750 Sek


Mode: Online zoom


Course Contents
  • Ayurveda introduction

  • Five Elements(Panchamahabhuta)

  • Tri-Dosha

  • Prakruti (Dosha Body Type)

  • Digestive Fire (Agni)

  • Concept of Ama (Toxins)

  • Daily Routine(Dinacharya)

  • Seasonal Routine(Ritucharya)

  • 20 Gunas (Qualities)

  • 3 Gunas of Mind

  • Six Tastes (Shadrasa)

  • Food Guidline for each dosha/Body Type

  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda which helps to recognize yourself, so that you can choose the correct food, herbs and exercises according to your individual constitution for improving health and preventing diseases.

  • This course provides a clear understanding of Ayurveda including the doshas, digestive fire, Ama, six tastes, along with daily routines, seasonal routines, Furthermore, the course will provide the principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition, home remedies for different doshas, and some vegetarian recipes.


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